Preparing Students for College & Career

Preparing Students for College & Career


In Decatur, there is a high demand for skilled trades, as some of the top employers in our county are manufacturing industries. In fact, according to the Morgan County Economic Development Association, "Morgan County, Alabama, is home to 144 diverse industries including 12 Fortune 500 Companies. Consistently, Morgan County has led the State of Alabama in capital investment of new and expanding industries."

Targeted Areas Include: 

1. Provide Industry-Relevant Materials, Tools, & Equipment to Career Technical Education   Classrooms

2. Assist Career Tech Education Initiatives to Prepare Students for Local In-Demand Careers

3. Partner with Businesses & Industry to Create Innovative Programs

4. Expand Teacher Training to Support At-risk Students

5. Pilot Innovative Programs to Strengthen Student Engagement

Schools Affected

Austin Middle School, Austin Junior High Schooll & Austin High School

Decatur Middle School & Decatur High School