Innovation Program for Middle Schools

Innovation Program for Middle Schools


The Innovation Program in Middle Schools (IPMS) combines leadership skills development for faculty and students with:

    • Student interventions in math and reading
    • Teacher training to increase teaching skills in math and reading
    • Administration and teacher training in data analysis

The training includes certified consultants planning with teachers, co-teaching, working with students, coaching principals, and analyzing data. After full implementation, the tools will be in place for the schools to sustain the mentoring and training of teachers for long-term gains. This program has proven to make a positive impact on students: reducing discipline referral rates and increasing test scores, particularly in math and reading. 

How We Measure Results

Progress is measured for the Innovation Program in Middle Schools by comparing year-end scores to initial assessments and tests, providing clear measurable results. We have set some aggressive targets for our project outcomes. We will achieve these targets through the implementation of IPMS by the end of two full years:

    • Test scores, particularly in Reading and Math, will increase by at least 3% each year in grades 6, 7, and 8.
    • Discipline referrals will decrease by at least 10% each year in grades 6, 7, and 8. 

Schools Affected

Brookhaven Middle School

Cedar Ridge Middle School

Oak Park Middle School