It Starts With Our Schools Campaign

It Starts With Our Schools Campaign


In 2009, the Foundation charted a bold course to bring together leaders in our schools and in the community in order to achieve extraordinary academic success for all students in Decatur City Schools. The 5-year plan included raising $1 million for programs and initiatives that supported student achievement and innovation in our schools. 

How We Measure Results

The Foundation is committed to measuring the results through the initiatives of this campaign. Through partnering with the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama (PARCA), we receive annual analysis of our system. We also receive data for individual projects through Decatur City Schools. Through the programs associated with ISWOS, we saw positive results including significants increases in ARMT scores, a drop in discipline referrals, increase in classroom technology, and increased student participation in STEM-related courses and activities. 

Schools Affected

all Decatur City Schools